Caravisio - the caravan of the future

Against the background of a pan-European decline in demand for caravans, the KnausTabbert alliance is creating the concept trailer for the “caravan of the future Carivisio”. Drawing the design of Carivisio, German caravan carolers drew inspiration from luxurious luxury sea yachts. The main focus of the exterior of the caravan of the future is on aerodynamics. The pointed streamlined nose of the caravan inside repeats the V-shaped bed, which can be either double or split into two single beds. Also in the front "cabin" is a huge panoramic window, smoothly setting on the roof of the camper, which provides more natural light inside the bedroom. The central room can be used as a dining area or as an office. Here is the kitchen. The caravan bathroom is not forgotten, which will ensure proper hygiene to all participants of the trip. The street door of the caravan is made in a two-stage version, where the lower part is the tailgate, which serves as the “open deck” and the upper part, which turns in the open position into a kind of awning. On the stuffing of the caravan, the main emphasis is put on modern technologies. All equipment and settings are controlled through a smartphone app. For example, using an application, you can adjust the air suspension (reduce ground clearance for loading a caravan). The application can also change the appearance of the rear doors from transparent to matte. This allows the door to be used as a projection screen for an overhead HD projector. Carivisio designers have provided a mirroring function that translates the picture not only inside but also outside, offering passengers to entertain not only themselves, but also other campers. Of course, this caravan serves only as a carrier of ideas and in this form will not go into the series.

Watch the video: Most Uniquely designed caravans technology that are changing the future of caravans (January 2020).


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